Thursday, December 17, 2009

All the Joys of Being Sick

So, I would have totally thought that Brian and I had the Swine Flu, but we don't. We have Parrot Flu. It's a new strain this year, and it's going around. It is like the flu, but it isn't as bad, and it doesn't last as long. Thank heaven for that, but I feel like death. We have prescription cough medicine and cough pills. I feel bad for Brian. We had to wait at our Doctor's office for what felt like forever, and then he sent us to the hospital so that Brian could get his chest x-rayed. He thought Brian had pneumonia, which thankfully he doesn't. My asthma is making mine about 10 times worse. I get coughing and I can't breathe. It takes me forever to catch my breath. I could barely make it up the stairs at work today to clock in!

Because we are sick, we are having a sick party. We have decided to have a Harry Potter marathon and wacth all 6 movies at night when I get home from work. That has been fun, but we can only watch a half a movie before we are tuckered out and have to go to bed. Brian was lucky and saw the dr and got 5 days off work. i still have to go to work because I don't have a dr's note, and my boss thinks that I can deal, I guess. It is a busy time of year, but I seriously feel like i could die. I'm losing my voice, congested, sneezing, have a runny nose, coughing, and I feel like an elephant is sitting on my chest. I forgot the sinus pressure and headaches too. I have taken just about every cold medicine and nothing helps. I'm just a few days behind Brian, so tomorrow I'll probably have the lovely 103 degree fever he had yesterday. how exciting for us all.

At least we got our Christmas shopping done early. I feel pretty happy about that.

I feel bad because it is Brians missionary companions reception tomorrow and we obviously can't go anywhere. we are highly contagious, according to the doc, and should stay at home and drink lots of fluids...right...anyway, and I was looking forward to seeing the girls. I haven't got to see them for awhile, and I wanted to hang out for a bit. I'm sure they all think I'm just a flake. They had other plans anyway, so I doubt I would have been able to see them. I hate being sick. it ruins everything.

Well, the sickie must be off to get some rest, so good night and hopefully I will feel better tomorrow. I think my nyquil just started working...I'm really tired all of a sudden...

Saturday, December 5, 2009

i really hate driving in the snow

I am so excited. I only have two real days of classes left and then it will be done. I'll have 2 associates degrees, and be done with school for a while. I feel rather relieved that I will not be returning to school next semester. I think some time off school will do me some good. ;) I really just want to be done with it all.

Brian's parents found a house and they are moving soon. I think they are pretty excited. I'm excited for them. they are completely finishing the basement into a basement apartment. The kitchen will even be the size of a real kitchen. I'm impressed.

Work was crappy today. I had to demo Prime Rib, at fifty bucks a pop. I was only allowed two, so I got to come home rather early. I don't mind; i have tons to do and Brian was really sick today. People were so crazy and rude today though. I had to throw an entire pan out because some guy dipped into my pan...I was so mad I could've given him a black eye. I wanted to be so rude. but, then I would have got fired. Stupid people....grrr.

I have applied to a few different places, and haven't heard anything back yet. I think what i'm going to have to do is find another part time job to fill in the weeks with hardly any work at Sam's. I want my bonus, and I can't get it unless I'm there until the end of February, but things are looking good for at least a $500-700 bonus for I want to stay. Anyway, I'll let you go...probably boring you to death...

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

so tired

I seem to be having that week of having tons to do and not enough time to do it. I have tons of homework, tons of stuff my mom wants me to get done, and tons of other crap I need to do. oy. And I still need to go Christmas shopping for the friends and fam. At least I'm done with Brian's. well, mostly done anyway, and I think he is mostly done with mine.

I'm trying to decide what to get parents and stuff too. I'm having a really tough time trying to decide what to get them. I think we're set on Brian's parents, but mine are a bit more difficult to decide for. oy. Maybe I'll just take the easy way out and get them a gift certificate to go out for dinner or something, and have another sibling get movie tickets. I'll probably post later too.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Putting up the Christmas Tree

We finally decided to put up our Christmas tree last night. It was the first night in ages that we have actually had the time to do so. I was rather happy about it...We did a candyland themed tree this year. Mom wouldn't let us use glass ornaments with the boys here, so we had to get all plastic and shatter proof ones. I found some ornaments that look like suckers and candyballs at the Hobby Lobby. I like that store. Its like a Roberts, Joanns, and Michaels all rolled into one, with a touch of the quilted bear in it too. Anyway, I had forgotten how small my 6 foot tree really is and went way overborad on the ornaments. My tree looks like the candy fairy barfed on it. Oh-well. Hopefully next year I will remember to use less ornaments and the like...

My darling husband let me be silly. put tinsel on him and told him i was going to dress him up like a christmas tree, ans so he grabs some of the Christmas tree parts and tells me to put ornaments on him.. He is such a good sport to let me dress him up and take pictures for posterity. he does look rahter goofy...
I had to get some of him putting it together and stuff too. He's way better than I am at stuff like this.
Such pretty lights...

And the finished product! The candy fairies DID barf on my tree...

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving was pretty good. We spent it over at my In-Laws. They sold their house and they have to move just before Christmas.

Brian is playing Halo ODST and I am bored out of my freaking mind. You can only play on Facebook so much before you want ot pull your hair out. You know?

I don't really have much to say. I am tired been working a lot lately. Talk to you later

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I felt the need to blog, and yet, now I can't really think of anything to say. I got a lot done today; I've had to work for the last 6 days in a row. Stupid Taste of Sam's.

I have a lot to do tomorrow to prepare for Thanksgiving. We're going to Brian's parents this year and I have to make a cheesecake, banana slush and green bean casserole. oy. I'm tired already just thinking about it.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Pretty Flowers

Sorry for sm many pictures, but I want to figure out how to use my camera and find out what it can do. These are the Gerber Daisies that Brian bought for me. They are my favorite, so it makes me happy when he remembers and buys them for me.
I think that some of these pictures actually turned out really nice. I was happy with them.

I think it's wierd that all the background parts of the picture went so dark.

I think that this one is my absolute favorite.
Anyway, nothing really has been going on here. Just trying to get school finished. We only have 3 weeks left and that makes me really happy. This week is Taste of Sam's, so I'll be really busy with work. I have to work the next 6 days straight. I don't really care for it, but what do you do?
I did some Christmas shopping today, and I think I'm going to make ornaments and stuff for the rest of the day. I need to get them done because we put our tree up the day after Thanksgiving. I think the tree this year will look nice. We're doing a Candyland themed tree, and I'm pretty excited about it. :)
By the way Bec, I think those garden things are cool.

Monday, November 16, 2009

I hate my job.

My boss scheduled me to work tomorrow and Thursday behind my back. She didn't even ask me to. I'm really upset. I had planned on getting all of my homework done because this weekend is Taste of Sam's...Blech...and I won't have time to do anything. Now, I have only one day this week to do all my homework and all my laundry and the billion and one things that my mother seems to think I need to do. What a week this will be. OY VEY!

3 days til New Moon. I'm actually pretty excited. My in-laws are going, too, so We'll just sit by them. Maybe I'll take my camera and get pictures. Last year tons of people dressed up like the characters. It was kind of entertaining. We tried to dress Brian up like Edward, but his stupid hair would not stay. HIs is worse than mine! Brian and I went last year for our wedding. I have fairly low expectations for this movie...I didn't like Twilight the first few times I saw it, either.

Now, I am going to go to bed before I pull my hair out. I think nif I make it til next week, it might be a miracle...just maybe. Talk to you later!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mwa ha ha

Today was Alex's birthday party. He turned 6. I can't believe he is that old. Christy let me love my baby piggie that I gave to her. I have missed Nutmeg sice she went to live with Christy. I think its just because she kicked me all the time when she was in her momma's belly. She always kicked my stomach. Our small guinea pig died this week, too. Thats two of four that have died...i wonder what they have...

Work was ok, it was better than it has been. I have applied at a few different places, and no dice yet.

I started my Christmas shopping. I love Christmas time and I love shopping to get stuff for Bri. I'm just afraid that I will spend too much money. ;) I like to buy people things more than I like getting them. I like to make other people happy.

Holy snow batman...I had to scrape so much ice off my car after work tonight, and I had forgotten my gloves. I think I will keep a pair in the glovebox from now more frozen stiff fingers for me. I really don't care for the snow.

We're going to the festival of trees this year too. I'm pretty happy about that too. I haven't been in ages. I like the craft ideas and the tree ideas. I am doing a candyland tree this year, and I hope it will look ok. I haven't found quite the right ornaments for what I'm looking for yet. I think I may have to go to Roberts or the Hobby Lobby to find what I need. I wish Zims was still in business. They had some really cool stuff.

I'm going to have more pictures to post soon...

Sorry so random, maybe I shouldn't post when I am so tired...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I really should be doing homework right now, but I'm procrastinating as I always do. It is due tomorrow, so I don't feel so guilty about it. I went shopping with my brother for WOW cards and whatnot. I am very happy to say that I have bought Brian his very first Christmas present. Hooray!!!! I think he will like it. I hope he will like it.

My brother ended up getting Brian into it, and now Brian has got me into playing the trading card game. I kind of like it, and if nothing else, its something to do to hang out. I really enjoy handing out with my siblings and stuff.
Anyways, I should really get Brian to post some stuff sometimes, too. I've really got to do some work, so I'll talk to you later.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


My head is killing me, I feel like shiz, and I have math and history homework up the wazoo to do. hooray for me.

Monday, November 9, 2009


i had to go to the eye doctor today. i've been having these weird flashes of light in the corner of my eye, and it's been a little painful, too. its only been happening for the last 2-3 weeks too. My migraines have come back and i get them more often, most likely caused by stress, and boy do I have my share of it. sigh. Anyway, i wondered if the headaches and the flashing lights were connected. My doctor thinks they are. He said the other option is retinal detachment, which is bad, very bad. You lose your peripheral sight and then the rest of it too. He looked mine over(having your eyes dilated is not a pleasant thing) and said they looked ok, but he offered to refer me to a retinal specialist. If it gets worse, i'll take him up on that. Its weird to have a flash of light and dimmed vision for a few minutes, then everything is normal.

And now at work, the lady that was mad at me is telling everybody else how terrible I am, and that I run to my boss for everything. My co workers hate me. and my boss won't do one thing about it. She doesnt know what to do...can you believe that?

Our Apartment complex sent us a bill for utilities. We don't live there and we already gave them out keys. So I called, and they said that we were charged for November rent, too. I mean, seriously. What part of WE NO LONGER LIVE THERE, do they not get? He was trying to say tha we broke our lease and we have to pay all 800 bucks. So I wrote them a letter saying that if they continue to harass us, we'll sue. I'm tired of them giving us crap, I'm tired of them trying to suck us dry from money because they are greedy, and I am tired of their nonchalant behavior about it. They blame it on computer glitches. Our name should no longer be in their system as a renter. Glitch my foot.

I must be doing something terribly wrong in my life for things to be so, well, like they are. Apparently everyone hates me or has something out against me. I'm very seriously considering moving back to provo next semester. At least my job will be slightly better, and I'm sure the gals won't mind. Don't mind my pity party, i have yet to see one good thing happen today besides my eyes. What a day, What a week, What a month. Here's to hoping for a better day tomorrow...

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New moon

Ok. I'm not going to lie, i am a Twilight fan, but not the extremes like some of the girls that i work with...Anyway, I was happy to see that for New Moon (which comes out on the 19) has way better art than Twilight did. These are just a few that I found that I really liked.

This one is cool, I think. This is Bella jumping off the cliff when she goes Cliff Diving.
This one is my absolute favorite. She's on the cliff, but with Edwards words, "It will be as if I never existed". Thats a little creepy, but I really like the picture and the style.
I don't really have much to say today. I am just trying to catch up on some homework that I need to get done, but other than that...not much else going on.
I'll try to post later when I'm not drooling from homework overload.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

This is up Butterfield canyon
My cute and darling hubbby...

I really like this one, but I was sad and surprised
to see that I had put on so much weight...eep!
I like this one lot.
Some random cornfield in West Jordan.

The above pictures were taken by Toni for her portfolio, but I did want some nice ones of me and Bri. We haven't really had many taken of us in the year that we've been married. I think they turned out AWESOME. I was happy.
We spent Halloween at Brian's parents house playing games. It was pretty nice. My family used to play games all the time, and now we never do. I wonder why that is...
Um...what else...I think that's it for now. I have some magnet project I need to go do for my Math class.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


It has been a very frustrating, fun, and stressful few days. The ladies at my work hate me because someone misunderstood something and I got TOTAL blame for it. Can you just picture older ladies holding a's not a pretty picture.

Things at home have been stressful too. Living with parents is NOT the ideal living situation, but what do you do when you have to do it? sigh. I just hope I can make it until we get some stuff paid down. its so hard, I feel very lonely a lot, and I really miss having my own place. I loved having my own place.

We doubled with Steven and Becca, too. We carved some pumpkins. It was way fun, and It was nice to get to know steven a little better.

Steven's pumpkin, Sonic of course.

Becca's mosterish ghoul, I suppose it would be.
And mine and Brian's. Mine is the dorky normal one. The cute little
bat is Brians. He doesn't like it, he thinks its childish...

Not much else going on though, well really to report...So talk to you later.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Evil Snow of Doom

Such pretty flowers, and yet there is crappy snow all
over them.

I really hate the snow. It is the time of year that people drive like idiots and drive too fast for the conditions. I am not looking forward to this winter season. OY.

I would be happy if it just snowed on everything but the road. That sounds great to me. :D

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sorry for all the pics of late. I think i finally caught up on them for the most part, til later. Kim is wanting to go up to PG Cemetary, friend of hers is buried there or something like that. I love that cemetary. Very interesting things there. Anyway, these are pictures from the Zoo when Brian and I went for our anniversary.
Not many of the animals wanted to be seen, I guess. It was kinda cold outside...
I have never seen this picture before, and I really liked it, so I took a picture
of it.
Lame computer of doom. This didn't change when I set it to. Ok, anyway, this
is by the Asian Highlands, where they have the Tigers now.
I like it, and want one for my garden someday.
The baby giraffe was cute, and already almost 8 feet tall!
The baby elephant was cute as well, but people
were crowding the exhibit like mad, so I
couldn't get any good pictures.
I love this walkway. It's no longer in use though. The stairs are
all broken.
This is fairly new, too. I wanted to get some pics from
the front, but again, little kids were crowding it.
It was field trip day.
Brian insisted on these pictures. I was surprised
to see that they still had them there. They were
there when I was a kid.
And of course, Brian being his silly self. He is such a
crazy kid sometimes. Oh-well. He is very entertaining.
Anyway, I'll likely post more pictures tonight. If I remember correctly, the PG Cemetary has a bathtub at the entrance of a family plot. I have always liked that, and if it's there, I'll take some pictures of it. It's just such a random thing to be in a cemetary, you know?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Valley View Cemetary

I was at the cemetary with Kim today, and these caught my eye.
Of all the things in a cemetary, I would never have expected
to see something like this there.

Little angels to watch over this family's angel, I suppose.

This intrigues me. It's a gothic style/era angel.
It is kinda creepy when you look at it up close.
It seems very sad and perhaps a bit angry...

See what I mean?

This one is my favorite of the angel pictures though.
Don't know why, it just is.

Autumn is definately my favorite season. I suppose that is
why Halloween is my favorite holiday. But mostly
it's because I really like the colors of the
changing leaves and such.
The cemetary has some really amazing trees.
Most were just yellow in color though.
Slightly disappointing.
I like this one a lot. It reminds me of a poem I once
wrote for english...

I like landscape better than people. It doesn't
fidget or move on you a lot.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I'm waiting to hear back from U of U as to whether or not I've been accepted. Hopefully thay will send me a letter within the next week or so. Then, I can meet with my advisor and sign up for classes for spring. Only two years left...only two...I can make it that long, I think.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

I's is bored

I am totally bored stiff. Although, I did get my errands done and got Brian's school bill, and applied to the University of Utah. Yay! Kim paid the fee ($45) and sent all my transcripts over and stuff. It was nice of her to do so, and I hope I get accepted. Then, it'll just be two more years and I'll be DONE with college, I think.

We're starting out anniversary off tomorrow by going to the zoo. I'm pretty happy about that. I haven't been for a long time. I think it will be great fun. Also, I really want to see the new baby cute.

I think Saturday, we'll just do dinner and a movie as money is tight, but it will be nice to get out anyway. Getting out is going to be great. I have to go back to work on Monday, and I'm kind of dreading it. My job gets worse and worse...but after having an entire week off, I really really don't feel much like going back. One day, I'd really like to just walk in and quit. They pay me so well, know?

I must look for a new job or hope and pray that I can watch my brothers kids for him for a bit more than I make now, and maybe stay Saturdays at my work for a bit, maybe just to keep my health insurance. It's doable, but it will be miserable. And, I will finally get Sundays off to just chill and hang. That will be so nice, you know? I am so tired of having to work on Sundays, and crap like that. Sundays at my work are so slow and miserable, it's almost ridiculous to even have us work. At one point, they were going to do away with sundays and then they found out that there were more sales on Sunday. I think it was just a fluke for the few weeks that looked at, and even then it was a holiday weekend then, too. LAME!!!!!!

Anyway, I have to go to bed now, so talk to you all later!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Hey. I was on facebook earlier, and Brian's old missionary companion started talking to me. He is a funny guy. He wants to hang out with us one of these days. I think it would be awesome, Brian has told me so much about him. I think it was his favorite companion. Brian says he makes killer carne asada.

I can't type long, Becca is coming over soon to craft with me. I'm REALLY excited for this as we haven't had much time to hang recently. I understand though, lol. Wink wink, nudge nudge. I'm happy for her though and I'm glad she is happy. I think this is something she's needed for awhile and I'm glad she's got it. I hope everything works out in the direction of I'm sorry Bec, it's just fun to tease.

I am looking forward to getting my wedding pictures finally done though. I haven't had much of a chance to work on them, and I wanted it done before my anniversary, and seems how that is Saturday, i don't think I could be that lucky. Oy. I'll just get as much done as I can. I need to make tons of pictures from our first year together. You know?

Sunday, October 4, 2009

I am so dying of boredom. The boys are playing World of Warcraft, and tonight I didn't want to play. I'm tired and I want to go to bed, but they will just keep me awake. They can be so loud at times.

I was reading old posts and I can't believe what a goof I've been, and what a goof I still am. Oh-well. At least I will admit it. I also have to say that I am glad that things didn't turn out the way that I wanted things to a few years back. My life would be totally different now...and i don't know that I wouldn't like it per se, but I sure am happy where I am right now. I sure thank heavens that I didn't end up with who I thought I That would have been crazy, insane, miserable, and numbing.

Sometimes, I look back on my life and I wonder why I did certain things and why I didn't do others. man, life was crazy in college. Always doing stuff to try to impress others, make it in the college world, and pretend....a lot! Sure am glad I don't have to worry about that anymore...
Sorry, just musing...

Save me, please!

My mother is already listening to Christmas music and is driving me crazy. It's a techno mixed with rock cd, and it sounds absolutely HORRIBLE!!! I thought some of mine were bad, this one takes the cake...definately...

In other news, nothing much has hapened here. Just watched conference today and played on facebook for an hour or so. My life is boring on Sundays. My homework is caught up and I am trying to get my stuff put back together and cleaned. Oy. I'm just not sure how I want to do it all yet, which reminds me, I need to tell Bec that she can have that dresser to fix up...

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tired of homework, among other things...

So I finally got most of my on-line homework done. YAY! That makes me feel like I got something accomplished today. Well, I did.

We worked on the apt so much today. We got the carpets cleaned and I scrubbed my oven until it looked like a shiny new toy. It was nice. The lady at the leasing office told us that we had to clean the carpets or we'd get fined. I looked through the whole lease and it doesn't say that at all, so I wonder how many people get screwed by that. They've already screwed us enough already, I am not taking anymore of their crap. I'm tired of it, them and their evil schemes to make more money off all of us.

I'm thinking about quitting my job to watch my brothers kids. He is willing to pay me more than I make a month at my work. Wa-hoo. And I'll have the weekends off, if I so choose. yay. That would be an awesome change from the drudgery of life at Sam's. You know?

Sunday, September 27, 2009


I'm just sitting on the couch, playing on facebook while Brian plays Halo. I think that Halo is a stupid game. And very boring. But I can't think of anything to post. Now I'm sad

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sad and Lonely

I'm bored out of my mind. I'm so bored I'm actually going to play World of Warcraft with my husband and my brother. I have no life, I guess. Nothing to do, nowhere to go, no friends to hang with...I really miss having friends. I feel like I have the plague or something.

I rarely talk to the gals from Provo anymore. I call Karin, and she's vary rarely home to talk to. Libby is busy a lot and if I'm not mistaken, her texting or something doesn't work anymore. And Dianne really only talks to me when I get to her first.

Becca is always busy nowdays and is never home when I call. Toni is busy with her family, but I still get with her he most, though she hasn't really talked to me much this week. Must be a bad week. Haven't talked to Tony since way before he got married. Never talk to Joe anymore.

Sigh. Having a bad day...week from hell or something like that. I need a break, I need a get a way, just something. One day of sanity and peace. But how? And where?

Thursday, September 24, 2009


I'm sick again today. Miserable and naseated. I'm bored and I'm lonely. sigh.

I guess Tony is going to be a daddy. That's exciting. Gosh, I want a baby so bad. Guess the timing just isn't right at the moment.

Anyway, I have been thinking about writing poetry again. Do you guys remember the blog I used to keep for my poetry? I've been thinking about making a new one, for my new stuff. I don't know though. Maybe I'll add my short stories and what not. I loved writing and I miss it. I'd like to go back to it in my few moments of free time and stuff, but I'm not sure what I really want to write about. I had thought about going on a historical level, but maybe I'll just write and see who I am again. It could be interesting...I think...

I think I may sit down and do that now.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

More Pictures!!! Sorry

These are our adorable piggies. They had babies and this one was our favorite. She was an only child, and Brian named her Rumplina, and I named her nutmeg.
Next to mommy. She is so tiny. This was at one day old.

The other mommy and 3 babies. Two females and a male.

Brian's grandma came to see his family. She lives in AZ, so I thought that I'd get pictures.

The rest are from Copperton Park. We went there for the Buckner Family Reunion. We go every year, and it is almost always boring, as it was this year, but we played bocceball and that was fun. At least we had something to do...