Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Another semester

I can't believe that another semester has begun. I can't believe all the stuff I need to do. I'm so busy. I'm taking CIS 1020, again. I'm also taking Math 1010, History 1100, PE, and Human Sexuality again so i can get credit for it this time as a DV class. (As required by the college) Anyway, classes are fun so far and I hope this semester will be a bit easier to swallow.

In other news, our brown guinea pig has died over the weekend. I was sad. But Brian let me go buy another one. He is a cute little guy with white and black stripes. We named him Oreo. i'll put pics up next week. I'll probably have tons because of this weekend.

Bri and I are going to stay in Anniversary Inn this thursday, tomorrow I guess it is. The rooms there are sweet so I'll have to show you pictures. I can't wait. And Brian's birthday is on Saturday, so I'll be posting lots of pics next week. Sorry.

I have to go because my class is about to begin and all that fun stuff. Talk to you guys later?