Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I can't believe it freaking snowed again...

So, how are all of you? We're doing fine and all that fun stuff.

Our friend is getting married on Saturday and so we get to have a nice drive up to Bountiful for their Temple ceremony. I'm pretty excited, this is my first Temple wedding to go to besides my own. I'm taking my camera to get some good pics of the temple and maybe some of me and Bri. And maybe we'll see how the Aveo does on longer distance drives.

School is going, but I wish I could say it was better. I think it will be a miracle if Bri passes half of his classes and if I pass my math class. It's harder than it looks...Anyway, we haven't applied ourselves as well as we could have. Sound familiar Toni? Michelle not applying herself in her! Anyway, I really only have to pass math to graduate, but math is freaking hard.

Work is starting to slowly pick up for me, but I think I am still going to leave as soon as Bri has insurance. I don't like the hassles and the drama, yes the old ladies have TONS of DRAMA. It's like high school...all over again...BLEH! So I have a few places in mind, but if you hear of anything way good, let me know ASAP, ok? Thanks.

Kyle and Eleonor got married on the 28. It was nice, small and good. Their baby is due in June and they are having a boy, so i will need to go shopping soon for a baby shower gift. Anyone want to come? I hate going by myself.

Cory and Liz also found out that they are having a boy (finally!) and they are due in July. I'm pretty excited for them and will need to get them something too. They only had girls and don't really have any boy stuff.

I can't believe it keeps snowing. I want it ti stay warm and nice so we can go and do things. I can't wait til we can to barbeques and game nights and just hang out and have fun. I get fairly lonely and bored sometimes. I can't wait for SPRING. I will be so happy!

Well, I have a bunch of term papers to type, so i will go for now. I hope this was a good update and I hope to talk to you all soon.