Saturday, January 30, 2010

And Just When You Think Everything Is Going Good...BAM

I got laid off last Sunday. I thought I would be ok with that, I never liked it there anyway, but it still upsets me. I'm really only frustrated that I am not making any money anymore, so we will be on an even stricter budget than before. I did get a decent severance package though, and I think that will help for a bit, and I think I will apply for unemployment soon, too. I was going to post pictures from Brians Birthday which was last sunday too, but blogger won't upload them.

I've applied to comcast, verizon, advantage, jetblue, nintendo, and a few other places. I hope I get a new job soon. We need the money, and I am already going nuts after having a week off work. I think its lame to have so much time off. Bleh.

Well, my adorable neices and nephew are here, driving me nuts, so I am going to go.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I thought I would update my blog today. I have been really busy. Brian just started his new classes today. I am hoping that he will do well and pass his classes and stuff.

We need to repair his windshield. The dang thing cracked from end to end. I'm not looking forward to how much that's going to cost. oy...and then we have to fix the suspension rod and the alignment on mine. And the tags expire at the end of the month...this is going to be fun.

Kyle and Eleonor's divorce is final.

I'm kind of excited. Brian is taking me to Carmen, the opera on Thursday. Tickets are only $3 if you are a student. We have to go to 5 concerts because he has to to get an A in his music theory class. Can you just see me clapping my hands excitedly. LOL. So happy. I've never been to the opera before. I think I will take my camera...

Um, I don't really think that there is much else that I forgot to mention...