Thursday, December 17, 2009

All the Joys of Being Sick

So, I would have totally thought that Brian and I had the Swine Flu, but we don't. We have Parrot Flu. It's a new strain this year, and it's going around. It is like the flu, but it isn't as bad, and it doesn't last as long. Thank heaven for that, but I feel like death. We have prescription cough medicine and cough pills. I feel bad for Brian. We had to wait at our Doctor's office for what felt like forever, and then he sent us to the hospital so that Brian could get his chest x-rayed. He thought Brian had pneumonia, which thankfully he doesn't. My asthma is making mine about 10 times worse. I get coughing and I can't breathe. It takes me forever to catch my breath. I could barely make it up the stairs at work today to clock in!

Because we are sick, we are having a sick party. We have decided to have a Harry Potter marathon and wacth all 6 movies at night when I get home from work. That has been fun, but we can only watch a half a movie before we are tuckered out and have to go to bed. Brian was lucky and saw the dr and got 5 days off work. i still have to go to work because I don't have a dr's note, and my boss thinks that I can deal, I guess. It is a busy time of year, but I seriously feel like i could die. I'm losing my voice, congested, sneezing, have a runny nose, coughing, and I feel like an elephant is sitting on my chest. I forgot the sinus pressure and headaches too. I have taken just about every cold medicine and nothing helps. I'm just a few days behind Brian, so tomorrow I'll probably have the lovely 103 degree fever he had yesterday. how exciting for us all.

At least we got our Christmas shopping done early. I feel pretty happy about that.

I feel bad because it is Brians missionary companions reception tomorrow and we obviously can't go anywhere. we are highly contagious, according to the doc, and should stay at home and drink lots of fluids...right...anyway, and I was looking forward to seeing the girls. I haven't got to see them for awhile, and I wanted to hang out for a bit. I'm sure they all think I'm just a flake. They had other plans anyway, so I doubt I would have been able to see them. I hate being sick. it ruins everything.

Well, the sickie must be off to get some rest, so good night and hopefully I will feel better tomorrow. I think my nyquil just started working...I'm really tired all of a sudden...

Saturday, December 5, 2009

i really hate driving in the snow

I am so excited. I only have two real days of classes left and then it will be done. I'll have 2 associates degrees, and be done with school for a while. I feel rather relieved that I will not be returning to school next semester. I think some time off school will do me some good. ;) I really just want to be done with it all.

Brian's parents found a house and they are moving soon. I think they are pretty excited. I'm excited for them. they are completely finishing the basement into a basement apartment. The kitchen will even be the size of a real kitchen. I'm impressed.

Work was crappy today. I had to demo Prime Rib, at fifty bucks a pop. I was only allowed two, so I got to come home rather early. I don't mind; i have tons to do and Brian was really sick today. People were so crazy and rude today though. I had to throw an entire pan out because some guy dipped into my pan...I was so mad I could've given him a black eye. I wanted to be so rude. but, then I would have got fired. Stupid people....grrr.

I have applied to a few different places, and haven't heard anything back yet. I think what i'm going to have to do is find another part time job to fill in the weeks with hardly any work at Sam's. I want my bonus, and I can't get it unless I'm there until the end of February, but things are looking good for at least a $500-700 bonus for I want to stay. Anyway, I'll let you go...probably boring you to death...

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

so tired

I seem to be having that week of having tons to do and not enough time to do it. I have tons of homework, tons of stuff my mom wants me to get done, and tons of other crap I need to do. oy. And I still need to go Christmas shopping for the friends and fam. At least I'm done with Brian's. well, mostly done anyway, and I think he is mostly done with mine.

I'm trying to decide what to get parents and stuff too. I'm having a really tough time trying to decide what to get them. I think we're set on Brian's parents, but mine are a bit more difficult to decide for. oy. Maybe I'll just take the easy way out and get them a gift certificate to go out for dinner or something, and have another sibling get movie tickets. I'll probably post later too.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Putting up the Christmas Tree

We finally decided to put up our Christmas tree last night. It was the first night in ages that we have actually had the time to do so. I was rather happy about it...We did a candyland themed tree this year. Mom wouldn't let us use glass ornaments with the boys here, so we had to get all plastic and shatter proof ones. I found some ornaments that look like suckers and candyballs at the Hobby Lobby. I like that store. Its like a Roberts, Joanns, and Michaels all rolled into one, with a touch of the quilted bear in it too. Anyway, I had forgotten how small my 6 foot tree really is and went way overborad on the ornaments. My tree looks like the candy fairy barfed on it. Oh-well. Hopefully next year I will remember to use less ornaments and the like...

My darling husband let me be silly. put tinsel on him and told him i was going to dress him up like a christmas tree, ans so he grabs some of the Christmas tree parts and tells me to put ornaments on him.. He is such a good sport to let me dress him up and take pictures for posterity. he does look rahter goofy...
I had to get some of him putting it together and stuff too. He's way better than I am at stuff like this.
Such pretty lights...

And the finished product! The candy fairies DID barf on my tree...