Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Hooray! I finally have more time to actually sit and write. School is officially kicking my trash, and I want to be done asap. Bleh...I'm just at that point where I just don't care anymore. You know? I'm sure Brian would disagree to a degree...he takes school pretty seriously. I should, but once you've been there as long as I have, you get past the point of caring anymore. Just saying.

Congrats to Toni for moving. I wish I could move into a house. That would be way good for us. Our apartment is so small...i really should take pictures and post them. We have only one bedroom and absolutely no room for storage whatsoever. It really sucks. It's cute for it's size, and the kitchen is big, but the rest of the apt sucks. oh-well.

Brian's brother Kyle just got engaged to a cute gal named Eleanor. I guess they are thinking about getting married on the 10 of January. Wow...for his family, that's two kids in 3 months getting married. I'm pretty excited though. I'll get a new sister in law.

I think I'm slso going to spend some time with Brian's sisters and craft with them. I think it would be a fun way to get to know them a little better. They are a lot younger than me, and I'm not sure how to relate to them yet. I hope it will work. I remember when my sister, Christy, got married and I'd spend the night over there. We'd always make cookies and watch movies. I think I was 15 when she got married, a year younger that Bri's oldest sister. I suppose we could do the same, but I don't think Jenna would be into the baking and stuff.

I need to find my camera's usb cable. I want to post pictures, but i can't until I find the dang thing. I hate the process of unpacking and all that. I can't find anything until it's time to move again...Lol. I'm not kidding. I have so much crap. I've sent like 6 car loads to the D.I. and I still have stuff I can't find a place for. It's just going to get worse if we have a baby in this apartment...we won't have room for anything! Except maybe our bodies.

Speaking of babies, I am baby hungry again. I want one, but we'll have to wait awhile until we can afford it just a little better. Child care is so expensive. I'm thinking of doing a part time deal with my sister. I'll watch her kids on my days off, and she can watch mine on hers. That way neither of us will have to pay for child care and we would trust the person watching our kid. YOu know? My mother-in-law does Joy School, too, so we'd likely enroll our kid there when it was old enough.

Oy. I am so tired and bored. My work is likely going under, well, at least what I do there. I need to find a new job that will pay me close to waht I make now and with benefits. THe problem is is that there is nothing out there. It's going to be entertaining. So, if you hear of anything, let me know...

I should probably go for now, but have fun, I'll try to read and update soon!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Just wanted to say hi

Yes, we are alive, we are well, and we are behind in school work. I'll update when I have more time, and I'll include pictures and all that fun stuff. I'll talk to you later, my hubby is wanting to do homework...how fun...