Monday, October 27, 2008

Hey There...

Lol. Are any of the rest of you a Twilight freak like me? The movie is coming out soon, and I'm pretty excited to see it. Bri is going to take me as his wedding gift to me. It will be way fun. I'm stoked.

In other news, my apartment is beginning to look more like a real opposed to a storage unit. We should have a game night or something when I get it done so you can all see it. Either that or I can always just post pictures later.

I'm sitting in my annoying computer class. I hate it immesely. It's the most boring, retarded class I've ever taken. Bleh...

Oh, I'm lookang for a new job, so if you hear of anything good, let me know. My work is giving me the run around and set hours so I'm losing, like 6-9 hours of pay a week. We can't afford that, so job here I come.

Anyway, I should probably get going. Until next time...

Monday, October 20, 2008

I am so disappointed that I want to sit down and cry

I totally just failed my word exam. I got a D-, while Brian(who had more issues with than i did) got a D. Ok, I feel better. I really though he would do better than me.

Hello peoples of the Universe...

I have been married for ten days. I still don't really feel married, though I do have to admit, I like the perks of marriage. A guy to protect me, to take out the trash...among other things...Lol! Anyway, life is going well, and I'm excited that my apartment is coming together quite nicely. It's beginning to look like home!! When I get my computer set up and running, I'll post some pics. Also, when I get more of my wedding pics back, I'll also post a few of my favorites. I am way stoked to share some pieces of my new life with you guys.

I had to miss church yesterday because I had to work. I was surprised to find that I missed being in church immensely. I'm just now beginning to see how important the blessings I've received are as well as how important the gospel really is to me.

I also have to admit that I am really happy that Brian treats me so well. He is amazing. It does make me feel bad for my sister, whose husband is a dink (I learned that word from Bri ;)) I hope that one day her husband will learn that life isn't always about getting what you want, but working together as husband and wife to acheive the same goals, not just for your future, but for the present. Every day is a precious gift of time, and some things, well, they can't be made up or erased. Forgiven, yes, but not always forgotten. I've learned a valuable lesson from watching their relationship.

Anyway, I have to go and take a test that I am going to fail. Until next time...

Monday, October 13, 2008

I'm a Married Woman

And let me tell you feels sounds strange. I am now forevermore, Mrs. Wright.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

2 more days!!!

Can you believe that Brian and I get married in just two very short days? I can't believe the time went so fast... I just went to the Jordan River Temple last night to get my endowment taken out. It was a very interesting and very spiritual experience.

I will try to post some bridal and wedding pics after we get back from our little honeymoon. I can't promise that they will be put on though. I forget everything. Lol. Well, I am busy so I need to go. I'll try to update after the wedding!