Friday, September 24, 2010

Brian was wanting to watch Lord of The Rings. I am absolutely dying of boredom. These are the longest movies ever. *Sigh*

Anyway, I am happy to say that Brian may have finally found a good job. It's at Easton Sports and it is where my brother-in-law works. It is only temporary for 90 days, but if he does well, they will keep him. He makes more than I do, and it is full time which is great for us. Their health benefits there are pretty deecent, too. I hope this works out for him...these last few months have been the worst we've has as of yet. Having heatlh insurance back will be a good blessing.

Work has been going fairly well lately, too. I am still looking for a better job, but there is almost nothing out there and what is out there, if you have no experience, nobody wants to hire you. I have applied at a bunch of places and I haven't heard back from any. It is frustrating.

Aw. Sad part in the movie...Frodo just told Sam to go home.

I got to go to the dentist and get a crown. My back molar is broken in 5 places and apparently if I don't get it done, it could crumble. I've rarely had a problem with my teeth and it makes me a little nervous...I've never had a root canal. Maybe they'll let me listen to my ipod. I don't like the sound of the drilling. It grosses me out.

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